We have been continuously engaging ourselves with a collective effort to empower the discriminated and widely stigmatized population. Sensing the requirement of proper rehabilitation from the substance user group we have been helping the drug users get de-addicted, rehabilitated and restored them back to their family with human dignity. Our effort has been to provide innovative de-addictive services and understand the key issue that has trapped an individual with addiction though there are children and adolescent groups referred for counselling and corrective therapies.


We have been partnering ICDS and are implementing SAG-Kanyashree project in urban Berhampore that includes the entire municipal arena. There are some 105 ICDS centres functional and the project co-ordinator and the field facilitator has managed to work in a joint effort to reach out the vulnerable and identify school drop outs, early marriage cases and other in difficult conditions. There are adolescents’ groups formed in few ICDS centres and the same has to be replicated in the other centres too. The field workers have trained AWWs and has helped adolescents girls earn opportunity of pursuing higher studies with their advocacies with the line department.

Livelihood & vocational

We collaborated with NYK to provide vocational training to the inmates to create livelihood opportunity for the economically downtrodden and the recovering drug users through entrepreneurship, financial linkages, trainings and trading. .

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