We have been partnering ICDS and are implementing SAG-Kanyashree project in urban Berhampore that includes the entire municipal arena. There are some 105 ICDS centres functional and the project coordinator and the field facilitator has managed to work in a joint effort to reach out the vulnerable and identify school dropouts, early marriage cases and other in difficult conditions. There are adolescents’ groups formed in few ICDS centres and the same has to be replicated in the other centres too. The field workers have trained AWWs and have helped adolescents girls earn the opportunity of pursuing higher studies with their advocacies with the line department.


Livelihood and vocational training – We collaborated with NYK to provide vocational training to the inmates. Our relentless effort in offering services is involved in our rehabilitation services. We have tried to uplift the human dignity of every inmate and ensured that the basic services are provided to every individual without any trace of discrimination. Our rehabilitation involves medical assistance, nutritional support, and therapies. And we have focused ourselves on the triangulated effort of rehabilitating individuals to get mainstreamed from their disease of addiction. We failed to provide international level counseling; support group help for stronger abstinence forming NA / AA groups, and proper livelihood opportunities as few are keeping with their sobriety

Operation Smile

Aashray has partnered with IHF (Inga Health Foundation) which is a charitable organization focused at treating the less fortunate children born with facial deformities like cleft lip and palate. We partnered with smile foundation we helped children with cleft lip and palate to undergo surgery and for that purpose, we commuted a dozen of such children to IQ city hospital and helped them find a new life. The foundation consists of a surgeon who is highly trained to provide surgical treatment to the needful. Many of the needful were happy after they went through the operating procedure and in turn, we had the ultimate satisfaction by the Smiles on their faces


Our volunteers have contributed a lot to animating child protection groups in the villages and enhanced their capacity and distribution logistics to get data and information each month from the stakeholders. Due to selection of a remote village we found it difficult to reach out and extra penny required to be spent for that purpose in transportation and logistics.

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