COVID Relief

In the recent pandemic fury of COVID19 we reached some 534 vulnerable families with relief material that constituted of food grains and PPE kits. We also reached to individuals with awareness and sanitary kits and had helped local influential and benevolent to plan relief activities and mark actual vulnerable population

Employing The Human Recource

Until today we have promoted 5 volunteers to the post of a paid employee with sets of responsibility in our organization. They have been engaged in our rehabilitation facility and a few have been posted in other projects the organization is implementing. A dozen volunteers are getting vocationally trained and are queued for further mainstreaming opportunities. International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking.. With the caption "support- don't punish" it was our endeavor to generate awareness and make the guys realize the importance of staying sober... We talked of positive things "one commitment many gifts"... There were guys who stayed clean and conveyed the message "keep it simple" to their fellow users... A mime and few acoustic melodies made the evening...

Keeping Up the Hope

The last year we have experienced a coercive effort of the executive members, staffs and volunteers of the organization in raising its standard of service delivery and quality of expertise in making a difference in the life of the beneficiaries. There has been poor system and policies due to which the organization suffered a lot both in technical and financial front. The responsibilities have not been distributed and activities have not been translated into action yielding good outcome though we went on moving and the few achievement has been encouraging.


We have been a partner with NYKS and has observed constitution days and worked to provide vocational training to the inmates of our facility in order to offer them mainstreaming opportunity through vocational training and entrepreneurship skill. We have trained 30 of them on LED technology and RO filtration. It was of great honor for us to be invited by NYK to chair the judges post in few of the competitions they organized,


We were also a part of the National Urban Health Mission working as the partner with Berhampore Municipality, where we provided expert support to strengthen the service delivery system under the NUHM as well as providing technical support to Berhampore Municipality, also cooperated with the Municipality to organize special Outreach Health Camps, Urban Health and Nutritional Days, Not limited to the various scope of work Aashray is also a member of the Berhampore Municipality Taskforce where it acts as one of the key members to strengthen the reach of urban immunization program by reviewing the current status of routine immunization, identifying the gaps and take strategic actions to improve the coverage of universal immunization program

Rehab Activities

5 years running and then in its fifth year Aashray has served 876 substance users who visited our facility from all across the district and few beyond that border. It was all in our effort to provide the best of the services to the benefactors and beneficiaries and we have innovated for that purpose therapies and treatment protocol that would give early and sustainable cure to the substance users and people suffering from mental health disorders. It was that initiation that ensured sobriety and recovery to lot many beneficiaries and crossed the average percentile of recovery recorded in the rehabilitation facility. Our goal is to fight the disease of addiction and hence we have partnered and therefore helped law enforcement agencies and district administrations by delivering services to the juvenile and criminals with addictive background referred to our service for withdrawal management. A score of juvenile and some hundred with criminal record has been referred to our facility and we are happy to provide them services


We have been partnering ICDS and are implementing SAG-Kanyashree project in urban Berhampore that includes the entire municipal arena. There are some 105 ICDS centres functional and the project co-ordinator and the field facilitator has managed to work in a joint effort to reach out the vulnerable and identify school drop outs, early marriage cases and other in difficult conditions. There are adolescents’ groups formed in few ICDS centres and the same has to be replicated in the other centres too. The field workers have trained AWWs and has helped adolescents girls earn opportunity of pursuing higher studies with their advocacies with the line department.

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