Our Project

We have been continuously engaging ourselves with a collective effort to empower the discriminated and widely stigmatized population.
Our Vision

Aashray envisages a society where there will be no discrimination between human beings and there will be space for inclusiveness for all the people despite of their failure to cope up to the measure of a normal human being and help the downtrodden defected personality with the support of counseling, treatment and empowerment through livelihood opportunities.

Our Mission

To help the downtrodden creating an enabling environment, mobilize the community to demand for their rights, offering counseling, deliver services like rehabilitation and create livelihood opportunities and reintegrate the discriminated population with the family and with the society.


  • To provide de-addiction and rehabilitation services to the drug addicts and help them achieve sobriety and reintegrate them with the society.
  • To open counseling centers and help mitigate family issues and depreciate domestic violence on women and provide psycho-social support to the kids and help grow up as a contributing member of the country.
  • To create livelihood opportunity for the economically downtrodden and the recovering drug users through entrepreneurship, financial linkages, trainings and trading.
  • To develop awareness and sensitize the community on public health issues and develop health seeking behavior among the masses.
  • To develop inquisitiveness among the students and youths and open a world of science that deals with facts than the mere theories in the book.
  • To develop geriatric care services and ensure that the elderly people live a life of dignity.

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