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We have experience of service delivery and quality of expertise in making a difference in the life of the beneficiaries.
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About Aashray

Aashray envisages a society where there will be no discrimination between human beings.
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The Genesis

Aashray (Murshidabad Aashray as registered) came into existence on 8th day of May 2015 though it was much before that the thought and philosophy of such establishment occurred when we first worked with District Police Administration and offered free deaddiction services to the most affected substance users in the city.

"Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree, make your subject and your verb agrees or know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul that harvest love and benevolence" ...

A soul that sympathizes would have sympathized ...

Our Project

We have been continuously engaging ourselves with a collective effort to empower the discriminated and widely stigmatized population.

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Remarkable Achivements

On 5th November 2019 Salauddin Sk alias Bhola was referred to our facility with insanity, malnutrition, and terrible withdrawal symptoms by The Berhampore Child Welfare Committee. It was a terrible journey of recovery and healing for that guy which involved tiring effort from Aashray staff and volunteers. Along with substance use disorder, he has been a psychiatric patient with terrible psychosis symptoms (diagnosed by noted psychiatric doctors of the city). Though a tiresome amplified task it was we never left his hand neither our services was depleted in rejuvenating process and last but not least, we succeeded in our motive of loving and caring to bring him back from the dark world of loneliness of which’s door was knocking for him.

This is one of our achievements that we handed him over to CWC Child care facility having a normal physical and mental condition. As remembering his own past he was happy to share his home and location and about his family members which we shared with the Child Care facility. Now he is back at his home enjoying the life to its fullest.

Thank you Bhola for the Souvenir of memories which You gave to us. Wish you all the happiness of the world.

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